How much does it cost to buy 10k followers on Instagram

How much does it cost to buy 10k followers on Instagram


If you are a business or a brand that has a presence on Instagram, you are aware that one of the most important aspects of it is to have a good amount of following on your Instagram page. 

It is the followers that are your biggest asset and how your business or brand reaches potential customers worldwide. Instagram has 1 billion active users worldwide, according to recent statistics and make it one of the biggest marketing platforms for your business or your brand. Even if the content on your page is good, the only way it can get better is if you have followers. Therefore, it is very tempting to buy instagram followers when you are just starting off your Instagram page. 

Yes, you can buy high quality instagram followers for your Instagram page and the people who will be visiting your page may be impressed by the number of followers you have and actually click on the follow button themselves. However, is it a good idea to buy Instagram followers? If that is a doubt on your mind, this article is just for you and you should continue to read on. 

How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?

As mentioned above, yes it is possible to buy instagram followers and there are plenty of cheap services available online that can get you 10k followers for prices as cheap as $2. However, you should keep in mind that in such a scenario you are only paying for followers and not for engagement. This means, that the followers (which are usually inactive accounts or bots) will not engage on the posts that you do put up. 

All you have to do to buy followers for instagram at cheap prices is to do a Google search. A Google search will be able to show you number of places that are willing to sell 10k followers to you at the cheapest of rates. 

Only buying followers and not engagement 

Only buying followers for your instagram page may not be a great idea. Such followers, as mentioned above will most likely not engage on any of your posts as they are inactive accounts or bots. 

Therefore, you can pay some services which will follow a few accounts on your behalf and such followed accounts usually follow you back. Now, going in for such a service can actually get you some real followers who may actually engage with you on your posts. However, engagement in such a scenario is also not likely. 

Now, if your main aim is to have a big following base this makes for your best choice. However, this can actually ruin the credibility of your page and you may actually end up losing real followers because of that. 

Fake Followers

When paying for followers, you are paying for fake followers. These accounts may even offer early engagement to you but this engagement will not carry on forever. This will eventually drain the credibility of your page as it will reflect on your Instagram pages account performance which has a huge role to play as it helps the instagram algorithm place your page on other followers’ feeds. 

This Instagram algorithm is very important as it ensures that your posts are made available on the feeds of other followers as well as on the explore page of Instagram. The active users on instagram may actually get deterred from following your page, if more than half of your followers are not engaging with you on your posts. 

Therefore, if you are paying for followers on Instagram, you are paying for real life followers. All you are paying for is a number to be showcased on your page, which you can also have with good marketing strategies in place. This can affect your performance greatly as well because engagement is the main thing the instagram algorithm looks at. Thus, buying instagram followers is not a long term solution. In reality it is not a solution at all.


As has been mentioned above, buying followers on Instagram is easy and there are plenty of services available online that can help you buy 10k Instagram followers for prices as cheap as $2. However, this is not a long term solution as such followers are just a number and provide for no real time engagement which can affect the performance matric of your page significantly. 

If you are choosing to go for such services, you should ensure that they provide for followers and even engagement, even if the price is a little higher. It is this engagement that makes the Instagram algorithm place your page on the feeds of the real followers as well as the explore page. 

Therefore, rather than buying followers take such time and energy and put it towards such marketing strategies that can help you bring real followers and also help you build genuine relationship with your followers. All you have to do for this would be to engage with your audience, be authentic and unique. Once you have a loyal following, they will help spread the word about your business or brand and you will not find it necessary to bribe anyone.