Instagram marketing tips and tricks for success in 2019

Instagram marketing tips and tricks for success in 2019

Instagram marketing tips and tricks for success in 2019


Instagram is now one of the most popular social media websites out there. It has continued to expand over time and at the moment close to 13% of the world population is present on Instagram. 

Instagram is considered to be one of the biggest platforms of ad revenue. Instagram ad revenue is expected to be close to $11 billion in the year 2019 and for this very reason, Instagram has attracted many company analysts to use Instagram as a source of advertising businesses. 

Below are provided 15 best tips and tricks to gain high quality instagram followers in the year 2019. Instagram has close to 1 billion active users, making it the best social media scene for marketers. It also helps that out of 1 billion who are active on Instagram, 50% of them also follow brands.

15 tips and tricks on Instagram for marketing success

Marketing on Instagram, according to statistics is off the charts and has had better response from the users as compared to facebook, pinterest or twitter. However, challenges can emerge while marketing on Instagram for reasons such as engagement rates and algorithmic timeline.

Therefore, as a proactive marketer you need to seek ways that will increase your Instagram engagement. You can follow the given 15 tips to ensure that your campaign continues to hit the mark.

  • How often should one post? – In order to attract followers and boost the rates of engagement, the brands have to ensure that they are active on Instagram. A brand should post at least 1 or 2 pictures every day. It is also important to keep in mind the time at which the post is being posted.
  • Always tell a story, do not preach- Instagram is a photograph and video sharing platform. Therefore, which posting tell a story with relation to your brand. Do not use mediocre marketing tags or paragraphs on the audience. 
  • Explore the full range of the different video formats on Instagram- It has been observed that mostly all of the population on Instagram love to view videos rather than read posts. There are also different ways available for taking videos on Instagram, explore them and incorporate them in your marketing technique.
  • Choose the right hashtags- Choosing the right hashtags can help target the correct audience as well as target the audience where your business can reach. According to stats, 10 to 12 hashtags are more than enough on a post.
  • Use Instagram to increase your website traffic- Instagram can help increase the traffic to your business website as well. Just provide for a link on your page.
  • Use SEO optimization- SEO optimization will help generate traffic to your Instagram page as well as your website. It will generate such traffic that is looking for specific products and services provided by your business. 
  • Use filters and third party apps- There are extensive filters and third party apps that marketers can use to boost traffic to their Instagram page. As the most popular features of Instagram are videos and photographs.  
  • Host a contest on Instagram- Holding contests for your followers can help boost traffic to Instagram page and is a great marketing tactic. People always are fascinated with the idea of getting something for free. 
  • Focus on user generated content- Focusing on user generated content can help create a connection between the followers and the brand. It can help you reduce market costs as the content is generated by your audience. For example, testimonies. 
  • Use the feature of Instagram stories- Stories are a feature that made Instagram more popular when they were introduced back in 2017. Users are more likely to see stories rather than posts.
  • Promote Instagram account on other social media accounts- Providing for your Instagram account on other social media platforms can help get your other social media page followers to follow you on Instagram as well. As the algorithms are different and one may see brand marketing on other platforms and not on Instagram.
  • Add links to Instagram stories- Adding direct links to your Instagram story can make the traffic just swipe up to the link rather than copy the link per se and open it. It helps saves a lot of time. 
  • Convert Instagram followers to email subscribers- True customer relations for any brand are built using the e mail channel. Provide for email subscription forms that can help your customers be updated with your business. 
  • Use emojis effectively- Using the correct emoji at the correct time and at the correct post can help attract followers. More often than not, most posts have emojis rather than actual comments.
  •  Try GIFs- According to research, people enjoy watching videos which are of 15 seconds or less. therefore, incorporate creating and posting GIFs mandatory for marketing on Instagram.


Learning how to set your business apart on Instagram is a very important aspect of Instagram marketing. Instagram marketing is the most popular way for generating ads for your business. Keeping the above mentioned tips and tricks can help you be a pro active marketer and rank your business higher on Instagram.