YouTube monetization- how much does it pay?

YouTube monetization- how much does it pay?

YouTube monetization- how much does it pay?


YouTube is the second largest search engine available online after Google. YouTube is a platform for many to share videos on a plethora of subjects and makes for a great resource for just about anything. With the increase in online viewership in the last few years, businesses have also realized how profitable YouTube can be to them.

YouTube monetization means that you will have the ability to make money from the videos you post on YouTube by allowing the streaming of ads before your video starts. If you have a channel on YouTube with many subscribers and a regular plus unique traffic, many businesses will pay you to advertise their business on your videos. 

How does YouTube monetization work?

As mentioned above, if you have a channel on YouTube, you can make money out of YouTube monetization. Businesses which are looking to advertise themselves will pay YouTube for advertising their videos as a part of your videos and YouTube will share a part of this revenue with you. 

However, if you want to be eligible for the monetization of your channel, your authority and position on YouTube must be significant. You will have to achieve the monetization program called the YouTube Partner Program and its requisites are-

  • 1000 Subscribers and
  • 4000 hours of watch time

How much money can you make on YouTube?

Making money on YouTube is not a hard process to understand. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Just because you are letting an ad play before your viewers stream your videos, does not mean that you will get money out of it. There are different kinds of ads that one business or enterprise can choose on YouTube and pay in accordance to that. The different types of ads are-

Cost Per Click- In such ads the advertiser pays a channel money on the basis of number of clicks on the ad. Different keywords have different rates and one some viewer clicks on the ad, the advertiser has to pay. These kinds of ads are usually seen either at the lower part of the screen or on the right side of your channel in a square box. 

Cost per view- In such ads, the advertiser pays a channel money on the basis of the number of views. It is only considered a view if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds or half of the ad.  Here, the advertiser pays for a view and not a click. 

How to make more money on YouTube channel?

You can follow the given pointers that can help increase viewership as well as attract advertisers to your channel on YouTube and they are- 

Learn to make atleast $1 a day from your channel- If you have just started your channel, work on generating subscribers. Once you have such subscribers, you can make at least $1 from every 50 to 50 views. It’s a slow start but a building process. 

Have a sniper approach- Basic advertising 101. Take an approach that focuses on a single type of person and not any random user. Advertisers are looking to target such channels which have a demographic that is defined. The basic difference here being that 25 year olds and 60 year olds have different thoughts, needs and mind sets and for this very reason, create such videos that cater to a type of audience. 

Use keywords which have a high cost per click- It is a well known fact that certain keywords hold more value than other keywords. Advertisers will pay more for keywords that are often searched for than for such keywords that are not searched for often. Therefore, making your videos which have a lot of highly searched keywords, can help rake in more money for you.  

Have a massive video production strategy in place- A video production strategy is one of the most important aspect of making money off of your YouTube channel. Therefore, make such videos that are not time consuming for you and your audience. Making a video takes ample amount of time and many viewers out there do not have the patience to see long videos. You will have to follow a specific template to maximize engagement and make money.


Advertisers only pay you for their advertisements if the viewers click their ads or view them at least for 30 seconds. You do not make money if your viewers skip the ad. Usually, a YouTuber is able to earn $1 from every 25 views of their video. Advertisers pay a lot of money for their ads to be available to a targeted audience. Therefore, encouraging your viewers to check out the entire ad prior or in the middle of your videos can help increase your revenue. 

There are also views that an advertiser can pay for which will force the viewer to see the ad before starting a video. Usually, such channels have immense following and very well off businesses use them as a way to reach audiences.

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