A Beginner’s Guide to Using SMM Panel

A Beginner’s Guide to Using SMM Panel

First of all, a big Congratulations to you. Most people start promotions on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. But they fail to continue. You are trying to gain more subscribers to your YouTube channel or more followers to your Instagram profile. Where there is a will, there is indeed a way! Now, you just need to get one of the best SMM panels available on the internet and it will help you gain more likes, comments, and followers for your YouTube channel, Facebook page or Instagram profile. Here is how you can leverage the SMM panel to make your digital marketing reach new heights - 

How To Use an SMM Panel

If you search on Google by typing ‘SMM Panel’ you will be greeted with thousands of websites offering SMM panel service. Now, there are actually two types of SMM service that these companies offer: 

SMM panel for those who want to get social media engagement for themselves.

SMM panel for those who want to resell the SMM panel service to others.

And then there are SMM script providers who sell SMM scripts to those who want to start an SMM panel business. Read on to know all about a cheap SMM panel and how it works ...

For Individual Users:

How to use SMM panel to boost engagement on your YouTube/FB/Insta channel or profile or page?

If you have your own Facebook page or YouTube channel or Instagram profile and you want to increase the engagement or likes and comments - you can use a versatile yet cheap SMM panel. Using an SMM panel for individual use is actually the easiest thing of all social media marketing related tasks. 

Steps To Use SMM Panel To Boost Engagement 

Go to your Facebook page or YouTube channel or Instagram profile and copy the link.

Register on the cheapest SMM panel service providers’ website.

Pay for the service that you want to use (Extremely reasonable).

Click on the ‘Buy Service’ (or similar) link.

Paste the link to your Facebook page or YT channel or Insta profile.

Select the amount and type of engagement you want to get. (Remember, more amount means more price - you must have the equal or higher account balance in your SMM account)

Click Start/Proceed and let the SMM panel do its magic.

A Pro-Tip 

While copying the link, make sure you are not copying the admin panel link of your YouTube or Facebook page. You must copy the same link that is shown to your customers. So visit your page/channel/profile as a third party or viewer/follower and then copy the link.

Using SMM Panel For Individual Post Engagements 

You can take the help of an SMM panel- cheapest yet the best, not only to increase the subscribers on your page or channel but also to boost engagements for your individual posts. The process is similar. You just have to paste the link to the post/YouTube video that you want to boost.

SMM Panel Reselling 

Did you know that you can use some of the best SMM panels to earn money? Yes, even if you are not interested in boosting engagement for your Facebook page/Insta Profile/ YouTube Channel, you can purchase any top SMM Panel’s subpanel (child panel, as they are called) and resell the panel to others at a higher price.

Why would people pay a high price to buy an SMM panel from you? - Because when you buy a child panel from any SMM panel cheap provider, you buy in bulk. And hence, you get a discount. But individual users don’t need all of the services. So, they are willing to pay a slightly higher amount. They are not interested to pay a huge amount to buy all of the services. That is why if you set a higher price for individual services in your child panel they will be okay to pay.

How To Set Up Child Panel For Reselling

Setting up a child panel might seem a daunting task. But actually, it is very easy. Any 10-year-old child can do it. Here’s what you need to do -

You have to buy a domain name. What is a ‘domain?’ When you go to Google, how do you do that? You type Google(dot)com on your browser. That Google(dot)com is called domain. You can go to GoDaddy or Namecheap or Freenom or any such service provider to get yourself a domain. The price of a domain is not much. So, it will not be a big investment. 

Next, you need to buy a child panel from any Indian SMM panel (or global).

The parent SMM panel will give you the name servers. What is a name server? A name server is the website that your domain name will point to. In other words, when anybody types any domain name, the domain name points to the website that is indicated by the name server.

Go to your domain provider. Log in and add the given name servers to the domain. What happens because of this is, when anybody types in the domain name that you bought, he will be redirected to the website created by the parent SMM panel provider.

That website that is created by the parent SMM can be modified. You can add your own logo and name and design. You can make it look professional. Nobody can detect that it is a child panel.

Any of the best SMM panels India or global providers will provide support to set up your own child panel. But our guess is- you won’t need much support. It is easy.

Why Can’t I Buy SMM Scripts and Create My Own SMM Panel?

IF you have enough time and if you are tech-savvy, you can buy SMM scripts and create your own SMM panel India or global. However, creating your SMM panel is quite a daunting task. You have to tinker with the codes on the name server. You have to install the script to the name server/website. Then again, you have to buy an SSL certificate to make the website look secure. Furthermore, you have to remain vigilant and available all the time - despite the automated scripts.

Most people who opt for SMM Panel scripts to make their own SMM Panels are not able to continue for long. They shutter-down their business within a few months. It’s hectic. Our recommendation is- you stick to the child panel if you want to earn money through the SMM panel.

A Little Bit About Us 

We, at SMM Ride, are dedicated to helping digital influencers, marketers and entertainers to reach more and more people worldwide. Our India SMM panel has delivered more than 121,000 orders successfully. SMM Ride focuses on providing quality engagements and not just fluffy numbers. We also provide Child SMM panels to help support the dream of thousands of young people who want to do something meaningful with their knowledge. Our USP: We use proprietary techniques to help people get organic engagements - engagements that originate from human beings, not bots. 

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Why Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Panel?

Why Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Panel?

Why Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Panel?

“Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.” - Tony Stark, Iron Man 3

Yes, this is the age of competition. If you are just starting your digital marketing journey, you cannot just

keep on walking - you have to run fast to catch up with your competitors. That’s exactly the reason why

you need a Social Media Marketing panel. The traditional way of working for a prolonged period of time

to get results is obsolete. You have to work smart to gain Facebook page likes or YouTube subscribers

using any top SMM Panel. Let us show you how our cheap SMM panel can help you with your social

media marketing strategy.

What Is a Social Media Marketing Panel?

First off, what is an SMM panel exactly? There are a lot of discussions regarding the cheapest SMM

panel, how it helps and how to use it. You might have vague ideas about the SMM Panel- cheap and

reliable. Let’s make your idea clear first.

SMM Panel is a service using which, you can gain new likes on your Facebook page and Instagram posts.

You can gain new YouTube subscribers for your channel. In fact, you can even reach the watch time

target set by YouTube to unlock monetization. No, we are not talking about advertising your Facebook

page or YouTube channel. Using one of the best SMM panels, you will get new likes and subscribers

within 30 minutes! Yes, from a YouTube channel having roughly around 100 subscribers, your channel

will transform into an influencer channel with thousands of subscribers. And no we are not selling you

fake dreams! You can see the results yourself.

Why SMM Panel Matters?

Here’s an experiment for you. Go to Facebook. Type on the search bar - “Romantic Poems” and press

enter. You will see the results showing Facebook pages. All the top pages will have thousands of

subscribers and likes. Only if you scroll down further, you will find pages with fewer likes and


Facebook says - Pages that are seeing good engagement on their posts could see further increases in

reach. What this means is, if your page gets fewer likes per day and if your page has fewer overall

subscribers, that page cannot rank much higher on the Facebook search result.

Now ask yourself, can you compete with hundreds of already popular pages once you create your own

page with 10 - 20 likes? The answer is no! You have to work too hard to reach their level. By the time,

you gain a decent amount of subscribers, there will be many more new competitors targeting the same

audience. The case is the same for YouTube or Instagram or any other social sites.

This is where the role of any top SMM panel comes in. SMM panel helps your Facebook page or

Instagram profile the necessary push needed to appear on the top of the search results. You will get

likes on your Facebook page, subscribers to your YouTube channel with just a few clicks. Your brand new

page will appear as if it has been there for many years. Your Instagram profile will be teeming with fans.

Sounds too good to be true? Trust us. It’s very much possible.

Benefits of Using SMM Panels

Gain Subscribers with the Blink of an Eye

Using the versatile Indian SMM panel you can gain new likes on your Facebook page, new subscribers to

your YouTube channel, or new followers on Instagram. Just put the link to your Facebook page or

YouTube channel on our website and let us handle all the heavy lifting. You just focus on creating

awesome content. From 100 to 100 Million - we can get you any number of subscribers you want.

Get Engagements to Your Posts

Are you sick and tired of seeing your posts getting unnoticed? I know it takes a lot of hard work to create

quality posts. Seeing those posts getting fewer likes and comments can really make you sad. On top of

that, Facebook or Instagram intentionally put the posts with fewer likes and comments below the top

posts with hundreds of likes. Isn’t it a paradoxical situation - it’s like you have to prove that you have

money in order to loan money from the bank. With SMM panel India you can get instant likes to your

posts, images and videos. Not one or two but thousands - you deserve nothing less.

Get New YouTube Subscribers and More Views

After the Jio revolution, more and more people are opening YouTube channels. The competition is

fierce. If you open a new YouTube channel today, you will be having a hard time getting subscribers and

views. - Because, as said, your channel can’t be found in the crowd of already popular channels. Only if

your channel has decent subscribers and your videos have many views, can your videos and channel

appear on the top of the search results? But how can you gain new views and subscribers? With the

cheapest SMM panel, you can easily gain hundreds of new subscribers, views, and likes/unlikes.

Engagement is the keyword. Without engagement, your channel will sink into oblivion.

Get Daily New Instagram Fans

You can become an Instagram influencer only if you have thousands of fans and only if your photos get

thousands of likes. It’s basic psychology that people follow those people who already have many

followers - herd mentality. With our SMM panel cheapest in price but premium in quality - you can

easily get new Instagram followers. Your photos will get so many likes. Top SMM panels also help you

get your photos more Instagram saves - a metric that tells the algorithm that more saves mean more


Earn Money with SMM Panel Reselling

Even if you have no Facebook page or YouTube channel of your own, you can buy our SMM Panel (in the

form of Child Panel) and resell the service to page owners or to the YouTubers. You get the panel at a

wholesale price and it is up to you what to charge your clients. SMM panel reseller is a full-fledged

business. Many people are engaged in this business. You can easily earn enough money through SMM

panel reselling. Why will people buy from you instead of the main company? Because you are buying the

services in bulk while your prospective client might need only Facebook-like service or YouTube

comment service. Just like any other reselling business, this business too involves buying at a low price

and selling at a higher price.

Bottom Line

Your competitors are already ahead of you. Even if you run, you cannot catch them. You need a jet-pack

in the form of an SMM panel. With a cheap SMM panel like the one provided by SMM Ride, your brand

new Facebook page or YouTube Channel will become an authoritative entity in the online world with

millions of likes, subscribers, and comments.

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Social Media Marketing using Instagram

Social Media Marketing using Instagram

                                                        Social Media Marketing using Instagram 

Social media marketing is the modern way to drive big sales and increase revenue through increased exposure, reach and impression from billions of registered users on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and many others. Instagram is a social media platform known for pictures with lots of users posting pictures on  the platform and communicating with friends and family. In recent years, the users on Instagram has increased tremendously to proof its acceptance by the public. Moreover, the Instagram platform has much more thing to offer than fun, entertainment and platform for people to meet and chat by providing an effective and sustainable platform for business to thrive, grow and expand. Marketing has been redefined to a much more encompassing sector that can link up a business from its base to many clients and buyers from all over the world through digital marketing on which social media marketing is a force. 

Instagram is one of the best social media platform for the highest number of reach and exposure for business to targeted audience and potential buyers and clients as the platforms allows for pictures and short explainer videos to be displayed to advertise the different business brands and products to users all over the globe. One very important method to partake in Instagram is by creating a business account and getting good and quality followers for the business page before an effective advert is run and paid for to increase sales. Followers and likes on Instagram can be gotten and bought from websites which are known as smm panel that offer different social media services that can be used to grow followers and likes for effective Instagram ads. 

Instagram ads is a service from Instagram that charges cheap and affordable cost to promote products and services on Instagram. This service is based on many dynamics and one of the factors to make it effective is having a business Instagram account with huge name of likes and followers. These followers are essential and important to get a good number of reach, impression and exposure from Instagram ads and it is very important that every business must get enough likes and followers from best smm panel that offer quality social media services. 

These social media services panels offer likes, downloads, followers to several platforms at a particular cost. These services ensure Instagram users from different part of the globe are added as followers and to like the posts on Instagram page or account. This ensures and guarantees that users from all over the world are added to provide an organic traffic to business websites and mobile applications for sales. However, hiring the smm panel with a reputable and integrity for service is very important. Some cheap smm panel websites offer services that are poor and fraudulent. These poor services can destroy business and brand reputation and you must be sure to buy followers and likes from best and trusted smm panels that offer quality services. 

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Social Media benefits through Facebook Marketing

Social Media benefits through Facebook Marketing

Business and brand promotion has always been achieved using the traditional advertisement of print and electronic media decades of years before now but the change in advertisement is being experienced using a great innovation and creativity. Social media is the innovative new way through which people communicate and interact on different platforms connecting people from all over the globe. Marketing does well and flourish when people are gathered in a place for a purpose and so is the significance of social media to promotion of products, brands, ideas and services. 

Furthermore, Facebook is a popular social media platform with billions of registered members visiting the website daily or weekly to read news, get updates and chat with friends and families. Facebook is therefore a place for marketing  with one of the highest number of reach, impression and exposure for products and services promoted on the website and mobile application. The most effective way to partake from the immense benefits of Facebook marketing is placing adverts on Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is an opportunity for businesses and corporate agencies and organization to expose products and services to the billions of people on Facebook to get a good number of reach and impression that will boost sales and increase revenue. 

Facebook pages are used and necessary for marketing and advertisement on Facebook but the page likes are very important for better and greater effectiveness. Facebook page likes can be bought from smm panels which are websites offering social media services such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and many others. The best smm panel will provide you quality page likes that will be added to your business page so as to increase the reach and exposure of products and services online through Facebook ads. Getting quality likes from smm panel provides a better platform and sustainable feat for Facebook marketing as it involves targeted exposure to the best set of people for the products and services being advertised. 

Moreover Facebook Marketing also provides the best place for cheap and very effective advertisement for any start up business and existing ones to thrive and achieve more sales by giving them a sustainable online presence that can help expose business to places, region and countries far away from the business base for transaction. Foreign trades and international business transactions are achieved when Facebook marketing is employed to promote a business brand and this is made possible by the vast population of registered Facebook users located in all regions of the world. It is a big part of digital marketing which has come to stay and it is a train all business owners must join and embrace to realise a good level of sales through massive exposure and reach by targeted users interested in services or products they offer and sell.  

In conclusion, all you need do is to set up a business Facebook page and hire the best smm panel to sell quality page likes to help get organic traffic. Run a profitable ads on Facebook to enjoy the enormous benefits of Facebook marketing and see your business thrive, flourish and link international clients through a modern effective way for marketing. 

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Top 23 Instagram statistics for the year 2019

Top 23 Instagram statistics for the year 2019

Top 23 Instagram statistics for the year 2019


Instagram is a social media application that was mainly developed to share professional photography. However, eventually the trend of Instagram caught on and today we see that Instagram has 1 billion users worldwide and 500 million users on a daily basis and it is due to this presence of world wide users that various brands are realising the importance of being on this social media platform.

It should however be kept in mind, that only social media presence is not going to be enough for a brand to make itself popular. It depends on what, when and how they post and what is it that they are targeting.

Now the question arises as to what constitutes a 'smart' post that will Garner the attention of the users of Instagram? Well, this is where the statistics come in. Knowing instagram statistics can help ensure that a brand knows what exactly they need to post to garner the most amount of attention. The statistics can range from the use of emoji to the length of the captions to the colour dominance etc etc. 

Top 23 Instagram statistics of 2019

As mentioned above statistics are very helpful as it can ensure that brands are able to put up posts in such a manner that will Garner the most out of interest out of the users. Below are mentioned the top 23 Instagram statistics of the year 2019.

  • There has been quite a growth in the number of active users of Instagram from the year 2013 to 2018. In the year 2013, there were 90 million active users of Instagram however in 2018 the number of active users increased to 1 billion.
  • Instagram has the most number of active users in comparision to other social media sites. As mentioned above, it has 1 billion users. other sites such as Twitter(326 million), Pinterest(250 million) and snapchat (150 million), do not have have even half of Instagrams active users. 
  • The number of online adults on Instagram has grown 400% than as it was calculated in the year 2012.
  • It has been predicted that between the years 2016 to 2020, Instagram will add 26.9 million users which is more than double the amount predicted for Twitter.
  • Close to 72% of teenagers use Instagram. This number has grown 20% from the year 2015. 
  • In the year, it was seen that 35% of Instagram users were adults. This number has increased from 26% from the year 2014.
  • 71% of people on Instagram are between the age of 18 to 24. This number has also increase from 37% in the year 2013.
  • 60% of the Instagram users use the social media platform daily  out of which 55% are people between the ages of 18 to 24. This also increased from 51% as was in the year 2016.
  • Businesses on Instagram get 37% of their crowd from Instagram. Even if they just post their dealing as a story and not publish them on their feed. 
  • 8 out of the 15 most followed brands of Instagram are in the retail business. 
  •  80% of users of Instagram follow at least one page which is a business account.
  • It was also noted that the most followed pages on instagram were on higher education, followed by sports and the non profits.
  • By the end of the year 2018, it was noted that more than 100 million videos and photos are shared on Instagram on a daily basis. 
  • It was also noted that the photos which showed faces were 38% more liked by people than those pictures which had no faces. 
  • A study of 8 million Instagram pictures concluded that posts with one dominant colour were 17% more liked than pictures which has more than one dominant colour.
  • It was also recorded that posts which had blue as the predominating colour were liked 24% more than posts which had red as a predominant colour.
  •  When videos were introduced by Instagram in the year 2013, more than 5 million videos were shared within the span of 24 hours.
  • According to a study posts which had hastags between 9 to 12 generated more interest than by any other number of hashtags.
  • In a study of 55 brands that were present on instagram, all the brands posted at least once in 1.5 days. 
  •  The most common frequency of posting on Instagram ranges from 11 to 20 posts per month and various companies fall under this category as well. 
  • In a study of 100 brands, 90% of them were on Instagram and 80% of them post at least once or twice per week.
  • Again in the study of 100 brands present on Instagram, the enaggement of the brands has increased close to 50% per year. 
  • The most followed account apart from Instagrams own account is Christians Ronaldo's followed by Selena Gomez. 


The above mentioned are 23 top Instagram statistics. Some statistics are food for thought whereas some showcase the kind of traffic that Instagram has and how your business's presence on the social media site can be beneficial to your business. For more details on how Instagram can help your businesses grow, this website who sells instagram panel reseller smm services

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YouTube monetization- how much does it pay?

YouTube monetization- how much does it pay?

YouTube monetization- how much does it pay?


YouTube is the second largest search engine available online after Google. YouTube is a platform for many to share videos on a plethora of subjects and makes for a great resource for just about anything. With the increase in online viewership in the last few years, businesses have also realized how profitable YouTube can be to them.

YouTube monetization means that you will have the ability to make money from the videos you post on YouTube by allowing the streaming of ads before your video starts. If you have a channel on YouTube with many subscribers and a regular plus unique traffic, many businesses will pay you to advertise their business on your videos. 

How does YouTube monetization work?

As mentioned above, if you have a channel on YouTube, you can make money out of YouTube monetization. Businesses which are looking to advertise themselves will pay YouTube for advertising their videos as a part of your videos and YouTube will share a part of this revenue with you. 

However, if you want to be eligible for the monetization of your channel, your authority and position on YouTube must be significant. You will have to achieve the monetization program called the YouTube Partner Program and its requisites are-

  • 1000 Subscribers and
  • 4000 hours of watch time

How much money can you make on YouTube?

Making money on YouTube is not a hard process to understand. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Just because you are letting an ad play before your viewers stream your videos, does not mean that you will get money out of it. There are different kinds of ads that one business or enterprise can choose on YouTube and pay in accordance to that. The different types of ads are-

Cost Per Click- In such ads the advertiser pays a channel money on the basis of number of clicks on the ad. Different keywords have different rates and one some viewer clicks on the ad, the advertiser has to pay. These kinds of ads are usually seen either at the lower part of the screen or on the right side of your channel in a square box. 

Cost per view- In such ads, the advertiser pays a channel money on the basis of the number of views. It is only considered a view if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds or half of the ad.  Here, the advertiser pays for a view and not a click. 

How to make more money on YouTube channel?

You can follow the given pointers that can help increase viewership as well as attract advertisers to your channel on YouTube and they are- 

Learn to make atleast $1 a day from your channel- If you have just started your channel, work on generating subscribers. Once you have such subscribers, you can make at least $1 from every 50 to 50 views. It’s a slow start but a building process. 

Have a sniper approach- Basic advertising 101. Take an approach that focuses on a single type of person and not any random user. Advertisers are looking to target such channels which have a demographic that is defined. The basic difference here being that 25 year olds and 60 year olds have different thoughts, needs and mind sets and for this very reason, create such videos that cater to a type of audience. 

Use keywords which have a high cost per click- It is a well known fact that certain keywords hold more value than other keywords. Advertisers will pay more for keywords that are often searched for than for such keywords that are not searched for often. Therefore, making your videos which have a lot of highly searched keywords, can help rake in more money for you.  

Have a massive video production strategy in place- A video production strategy is one of the most important aspect of making money off of your YouTube channel. Therefore, make such videos that are not time consuming for you and your audience. Making a video takes ample amount of time and many viewers out there do not have the patience to see long videos. You will have to follow a specific template to maximize engagement and make money.


Advertisers only pay you for their advertisements if the viewers click their ads or view them at least for 30 seconds. You do not make money if your viewers skip the ad. Usually, a YouTuber is able to earn $1 from every 25 views of their video. Advertisers pay a lot of money for their ads to be available to a targeted audience. Therefore, encouraging your viewers to check out the entire ad prior or in the middle of your videos can help increase your revenue. 

There are also views that an advertiser can pay for which will force the viewer to see the ad before starting a video. Usually, such channels have immense following and very well off businesses use them as a way to reach audiences.

Similarly, many businesses use SMM Panel services to promote their YouTube Channels to make money online.  It facilitates a great possibility to the YouTubers to talk with their users. Most of the YouTubers use the affordable services like Smm panel for YouTube likes, Smm panel for YouTube Views, YouTube subscribers smm panel etc. YouTubers use these services to aid them gain the distinct visibility and exposure in the online domain. 

If you are a YouTuber, you can consider smmride.com, a leading best smm panel service provider  to improve the traffic, views, likes and comments to  your YouTube channel. It is not a costly deal and one can make a lot of money off of it but your channel needs to see as worthwhile an investment for such businesses. 

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Instagram marketing tips and tricks for success in 2019

Instagram marketing tips and tricks for success in 2019

Instagram marketing tips and tricks for success in 2019


Instagram is now one of the most popular social media websites out there. It has continued to expand over time and at the moment close to 13% of the world population is present on Instagram. 

Instagram is considered to be one of the biggest platforms of ad revenue. Instagram ad revenue is expected to be close to $11 billion in the year 2019 and for this very reason, Instagram has attracted many company analysts to use Instagram as a source of advertising businesses. 

Below are provided 15 best tips and tricks to gain high quality instagram followers in the year 2019. Instagram has close to 1 billion active users, making it the best social media scene for marketers. It also helps that out of 1 billion who are active on Instagram, 50% of them also follow brands.

15 tips and tricks on Instagram for marketing success

Marketing on Instagram, according to statistics is off the charts and has had better response from the users as compared to facebook, pinterest or twitter. However, challenges can emerge while marketing on Instagram for reasons such as engagement rates and algorithmic timeline.

Therefore, as a proactive marketer you need to seek ways that will increase your Instagram engagement. You can follow the given 15 tips to ensure that your campaign continues to hit the mark.

  • How often should one post? – In order to attract followers and boost the rates of engagement, the brands have to ensure that they are active on Instagram. A brand should post at least 1 or 2 pictures every day. It is also important to keep in mind the time at which the post is being posted.
  • Always tell a story, do not preach- Instagram is a photograph and video sharing platform. Therefore, which posting tell a story with relation to your brand. Do not use mediocre marketing tags or paragraphs on the audience. 
  • Explore the full range of the different video formats on Instagram- It has been observed that mostly all of the population on Instagram love to view videos rather than read posts. There are also different ways available for taking videos on Instagram, explore them and incorporate them in your marketing technique.
  • Choose the right hashtags- Choosing the right hashtags can help target the correct audience as well as target the audience where your business can reach. According to stats, 10 to 12 hashtags are more than enough on a post.
  • Use Instagram to increase your website traffic- Instagram can help increase the traffic to your business website as well. Just provide for a link on your page.
  • Use SEO optimization- SEO optimization will help generate traffic to your Instagram page as well as your website. It will generate such traffic that is looking for specific products and services provided by your business. 
  • Use filters and third party apps- There are extensive filters and third party apps that marketers can use to boost traffic to their Instagram page. As the most popular features of Instagram are videos and photographs.  
  • Host a contest on Instagram- Holding contests for your followers can help boost traffic to Instagram page and is a great marketing tactic. People always are fascinated with the idea of getting something for free. 
  • Focus on user generated content- Focusing on user generated content can help create a connection between the followers and the brand. It can help you reduce market costs as the content is generated by your audience. For example, testimonies. 
  • Use the feature of Instagram stories- Stories are a feature that made Instagram more popular when they were introduced back in 2017. Users are more likely to see stories rather than posts.
  • Promote Instagram account on other social media accounts- Providing for your Instagram account on other social media platforms can help get your other social media page followers to follow you on Instagram as well. As the algorithms are different and one may see brand marketing on other platforms and not on Instagram.
  • Add links to Instagram stories- Adding direct links to your Instagram story can make the traffic just swipe up to the link rather than copy the link per se and open it. It helps saves a lot of time. 
  • Convert Instagram followers to email subscribers- True customer relations for any brand are built using the e mail channel. Provide for email subscription forms that can help your customers be updated with your business. 
  • Use emojis effectively- Using the correct emoji at the correct time and at the correct post can help attract followers. More often than not, most posts have emojis rather than actual comments.
  •  Try GIFs- According to research, people enjoy watching videos which are of 15 seconds or less. therefore, incorporate creating and posting GIFs mandatory for marketing on Instagram.


Learning how to set your business apart on Instagram is a very important aspect of Instagram marketing. Instagram marketing is the most popular way for generating ads for your business. Keeping the above mentioned tips and tricks can help you be a pro active marketer and rank your business higher on Instagram. 

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How to use Instagram live: The basics

How to use Instagram live: The basics

How to use Instagram live: The basics 


The year 2017 saw the introduction of live videos on Instagram. Now, if you have a brand to showcase one of the best ways to do it is via Instagram live videos. According to a study that was conducted, 80% of the customers were in favour of watching live videos rather than reading the blogs of the same brand. 

Going live in this era has become more important than ever for any brand which has any kind of online presence. Going live can make people sit up and pay attention as they would not like to miss out on any benefit being given by the brand to it's customers. 

Instagram has close to 1 billion active users which is more than any other social media platform apart from Facebook. Therefore, going live via Instagram is going to be very beneficial for your brand as it can garner a lot of traffic.

Why should your brand have an Instagram live strategy

As mentioned above, Instagram has 1 billion active users and thus makes it one of the most used social media platforms. Instagram is the best way to connect to the millennial crowd as the dominant age group on Instagram is from 18 to 29. 

Below are mentioned few benefits of taking your brand live on Instagram-

  • if you go live on Instagram, the Instagram algorithm places your live video as priority. Which can ensure more traffic than being placed anywhere in the middle. 
  • Live videos on Instagram can increase the engagement between the brands and it's cutomers and all queries can be taken up there itself.
  • Going live can also help create better relationships between the cutomers and the brand. 
  • A brand while going live has it's own personality. Therefore, it helps in giving an identity to the brand.

How to use Instagram live

Instagram live is an important feature that can benefit your brand immensely. It helps a brand connect to it's followers as well as attract new ones. If you are in doubt as to how to use Instagram live, follow the steps below- 

STEP 1: To launch a video on instagram, you will have to open the app or the site and click on the camera on the top right corner or swipe right. You will now be on the stories section of Instagram.

STEP 2: At the below of the stories section, multiple options will be made available to you. Swipe to your right until the live option is made available to you and click on it to start your live video.

STEP 3: Before broadcasting the live video, you can visit the Instagram story setting provided in the top left corner. Here multiple options will be made available to you regarding your story, you can choose the settings as per your desire. 

STEP 4: Live videos usually disappear after the live broadcast is finished, however you choose the option for it to be available for 24 hours after the broadcast as well. 

Managing the content on Instagram live

Managing content when you go live on Instagram is also a very important thing. It's is your content that decided whether the audience stay on to see the live video or leave it after a few seconds or minutes. 

Make sure that your content is engaging. You can also see in the top right corner the amount of time that you have been broadcasting. You can engage with your audience by encouraging them to leave comments while you are on the live chat. 

Prior to going live, it would be best if you gave a heads up to the audience of the date and time that you will be going live. This will help in the audience in making time for your live feed. You can also turn off commenting gonna your live chats if you think it necessary and the option is provided at the bottom right corner. 

Tips to use Instagram live like a pro

Instagram is a trend that is followed by people of all age groups. Though the platform needs creativity, and which you definitely have, you should start your live streaming with a strategy in place. Below are a few tips you can follow to stream your live feed like a pro.

  • Prepare your broadcast: Have all the necessary things and make sure that your video is being streamed from a place with good connectivity and a background that is not distracting.
  • Have a purpose for your live video: Go live with an idea in mind, do not come with ideas on the spot itself.
  • Promote live streaming in advance: To get the maximum number of people to see your live feed, promote it as it can help people make time for your feed.
  • Do not continue in a monologue: Keep the feed interesting, do something funny or keep changing the way you are conveying your message.
  • Keep in mind the time: Live videos which go one for too long tend to get boring and the audience may stop watching after sometime.


Going live on Instagram is an effective and simple way to connect to the audience present on Instagram. A little creativity on your part can help you get lifelong followers and make your brand more popular amongst different age groups of people.  But only a few brands are successful connecting with their audience. So that’s why,  instagram reseller panel helps the brands to connect with their audience to sell their products easily.

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How to get Instagram followers fast

How to get Instagram followers fast


Having followers on Instagram is very beneficial to ensure your business's outreach to people around the world. Every brands Instagram page has 0 followers in the start. It is your marketing strategies that will make the people of Instagram follow your page and make it popular.

However, with all businesses realizing the importance of marketing on Instagram, it has now become difficult to get followers on Instagram and you will have to have a few strategies in place to ensure followers for your Instagram page.   

Why are followers important on Instagram?

Instagram has 1 billion active users who use the app at least once a day. Brands on Instagram are in always in competition and always trying to out-do the other and that to for a good reason. 

People do not want to follow all brands that are present on Instagram. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to boost your account to ensure that you boost your following. If you want your brand to really stand out, you will have to work harder and better on your marketing strategies. Below we have mentioned a few tips that can help garner more high quality instagram followers.

Tips to getting followers on Instagram in 2019 

  • Partner up with another business account that has your niche: Partnering up with an Instagram business of your own niche can ensure that you are able to Garner more follower. Since the followers are interested in the same thing as is offered by your partner, you can use this as a strategy to showcase that the same products and services are available with you as well.
  • Use trendy hashtags: Trendy hashtags have a way of creating an interest amongst your audience. Hastags also put you in priority as per the Instagram algorithm. Hastags are also come thing that people would use in the search bar when looking for a particular thing on Instagram. 
  • Use optimal number of hastags: according to a study, one needs to use the optimal number of hastags. This optimal number ranges from 10 to 12 hashtags as anything below that is too less and anything above that is too much. Optimal number of hastags are helpful to put your posts on top priority in accordance to the Instagram algorithm. 
  • Embed your Instagram posts on your blogs as well: Every good business also has in place blogs as a marketing strategy. Blogs can have more knowledge on your products and services as compared to any social media platform. Therefore you can embed tour Instagram posts in your blogs by proving links to the Instagram posts you have put up. 
  • Try posting once or twice a day: People will only follow a page on Instagram that is being constantly updated and not one that remains reduntant. Therefore, posting once or twice daily becomes necessary to keep your followers interested in your page. 
  • Post images with quotes: Quotes have a way of touching hearts of many present on social media platforms. Choose a quote that resonates with your post the best. 
  • Leave thoughtful comments: Well, your page cannot be like Beyonce's who literally does not follow anyone back. You will also have to follow a certain businesses and leave thoughtful comments on their posts. In case someone has left a post on your posts, you will have to ensure that you are able to provide for the right material as an answer to the comment.
  • Use other social media platforms: Other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can help generate more followers as the algorithms of the platforms are different. Some people who would like to follow your page may be able to see it on other platforms but not on Instagram. Therefore, promote your Instagram page on other social media platforms as well.
  • Create a branded hashtag: A branded hashtag means you are able to provide a separate identity to your posts. This hashtag can only be used by you as it signifies your business. This ensures that when such a hashtag is used on any post the first page they visit will be yours. 
  • Use geotagging: Geotagging ensures that people in and around the area of your business are the targeted audience. It will also be easier for such followers to order your products and services as they know that the wait will not have to be long. Therefore, Geotagging makes for an amazing way to get a target audience in and around the area of your business.


It is very imprtant for your business to have followers on Instagram to ensure that your marketing reaches it full potential. You can use the above mentioned tops to generate followers fast in the year 2019. Instagram has close to 1 billion active users, therefore you can be assured that your posts will reach a number of people. 

Generating followers for your business on Instagram and that too fast is very important. It is necessary because the more the followers the more the outreach. If you have a slow start on your followers your entire business will see a small amount of growth. As we all know it is the audience that makes a business successful.

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How much does it cost to buy 10k followers on Instagram

How much does it cost to buy 10k followers on Instagram


If you are a business or a brand that has a presence on Instagram, you are aware that one of the most important aspects of it is to have a good amount of following on your Instagram page. 

It is the followers that are your biggest asset and how your business or brand reaches potential customers worldwide. Instagram has 1 billion active users worldwide, according to recent statistics and make it one of the biggest marketing platforms for your business or your brand. Even if the content on your page is good, the only way it can get better is if you have followers. Therefore, it is very tempting to buy instagram followers when you are just starting off your Instagram page. 

Yes, you can buy high quality instagram followers for your Instagram page and the people who will be visiting your page may be impressed by the number of followers you have and actually click on the follow button themselves. However, is it a good idea to buy Instagram followers? If that is a doubt on your mind, this article is just for you and you should continue to read on. 

How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?

As mentioned above, yes it is possible to buy instagram followers and there are plenty of cheap services available online that can get you 10k followers for prices as cheap as $2. However, you should keep in mind that in such a scenario you are only paying for followers and not for engagement. This means, that the followers (which are usually inactive accounts or bots) will not engage on the posts that you do put up. 

All you have to do to buy followers for instagram at cheap prices is to do a Google search. A Google search will be able to show you number of places that are willing to sell 10k followers to you at the cheapest of rates. 

Only buying followers and not engagement 

Only buying followers for your instagram page may not be a great idea. Such followers, as mentioned above will most likely not engage on any of your posts as they are inactive accounts or bots. 

Therefore, you can pay some services which will follow a few accounts on your behalf and such followed accounts usually follow you back. Now, going in for such a service can actually get you some real followers who may actually engage with you on your posts. However, engagement in such a scenario is also not likely. 

Now, if your main aim is to have a big following base this makes for your best choice. However, this can actually ruin the credibility of your page and you may actually end up losing real followers because of that. 

Fake Followers

When paying for followers, you are paying for fake followers. These accounts may even offer early engagement to you but this engagement will not carry on forever. This will eventually drain the credibility of your page as it will reflect on your Instagram pages account performance which has a huge role to play as it helps the instagram algorithm place your page on other followers’ feeds. 

This Instagram algorithm is very important as it ensures that your posts are made available on the feeds of other followers as well as on the explore page of Instagram. The active users on instagram may actually get deterred from following your page, if more than half of your followers are not engaging with you on your posts. 

Therefore, if you are paying for followers on Instagram, you are paying for real life followers. All you are paying for is a number to be showcased on your page, which you can also have with good marketing strategies in place. This can affect your performance greatly as well because engagement is the main thing the instagram algorithm looks at. Thus, buying instagram followers is not a long term solution. In reality it is not a solution at all.


As has been mentioned above, buying followers on Instagram is easy and there are plenty of services available online that can help you buy 10k Instagram followers for prices as cheap as $2. However, this is not a long term solution as such followers are just a number and provide for no real time engagement which can affect the performance matric of your page significantly. 

If you are choosing to go for such services, you should ensure that they provide for followers and even engagement, even if the price is a little higher. It is this engagement that makes the Instagram algorithm place your page on the feeds of the real followers as well as the explore page. 

Therefore, rather than buying followers take such time and energy and put it towards such marketing strategies that can help you bring real followers and also help you build genuine relationship with your followers. All you have to do for this would be to engage with your audience, be authentic and unique. Once you have a loyal following, they will help spread the word about your business or brand and you will not find it necessary to bribe anyone. 

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