A Beginner’s Guide to Using SMM Panel

A Beginner’s Guide to Using SMM Panel

First of all, a big Congratulations to you. Most people start promotions on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. But they fail to continue. You are trying to gain more subscribers to your YouTube channel or more followers to your Instagram profile. Where there is a will, there is indeed a way! Now, you just need to get one of the best SMM panels available on the internet and it will help you gain more likes, comments, and followers for your YouTube channel, Facebook page or Instagram profile. Here is how you can leverage the SMM panel to make your digital marketing reach new heights - 

How To Use an SMM Panel

If you search on Google by typing ‘SMM Panel’ you will be greeted with thousands of websites offering SMM panel service. Now, there are actually two types of SMM service that these companies offer: 

SMM panel for those who want to get social media engagement for themselves.

SMM panel for those who want to resell the SMM panel service to others.

And then there are SMM script providers who sell SMM scripts to those who want to start an SMM panel business. Read on to know all about a cheap SMM panel and how it works ...

For Individual Users:

How to use SMM panel to boost engagement on your YouTube/FB/Insta channel or profile or page?

If you have your own Facebook page or YouTube channel or Instagram profile and you want to increase the engagement or likes and comments - you can use a versatile yet cheap SMM panel. Using an SMM panel for individual use is actually the easiest thing of all social media marketing related tasks. 

Steps To Use SMM Panel To Boost Engagement 

Go to your Facebook page or YouTube channel or Instagram profile and copy the link.

Register on the cheapest SMM panel service providers’ website.

Pay for the service that you want to use (Extremely reasonable).

Click on the ‘Buy Service’ (or similar) link.

Paste the link to your Facebook page or YT channel or Insta profile.

Select the amount and type of engagement you want to get. (Remember, more amount means more price - you must have the equal or higher account balance in your SMM account)

Click Start/Proceed and let the SMM panel do its magic.

A Pro-Tip 

While copying the link, make sure you are not copying the admin panel link of your YouTube or Facebook page. You must copy the same link that is shown to your customers. So visit your page/channel/profile as a third party or viewer/follower and then copy the link.

Using SMM Panel For Individual Post Engagements 

You can take the help of an SMM panel- cheapest yet the best, not only to increase the subscribers on your page or channel but also to boost engagements for your individual posts. The process is similar. You just have to paste the link to the post/YouTube video that you want to boost.

SMM Panel Reselling 

Did you know that you can use some of the best SMM panels to earn money? Yes, even if you are not interested in boosting engagement for your Facebook page/Insta Profile/ YouTube Channel, you can purchase any top SMM Panel’s subpanel (child panel, as they are called) and resell the panel to others at a higher price.

Why would people pay a high price to buy an SMM panel from you? - Because when you buy a child panel from any SMM panel cheap provider, you buy in bulk. And hence, you get a discount. But individual users don’t need all of the services. So, they are willing to pay a slightly higher amount. They are not interested to pay a huge amount to buy all of the services. That is why if you set a higher price for individual services in your child panel they will be okay to pay.

How To Set Up Child Panel For Reselling

Setting up a child panel might seem a daunting task. But actually, it is very easy. Any 10-year-old child can do it. Here’s what you need to do -

You have to buy a domain name. What is a ‘domain?’ When you go to Google, how do you do that? You type Google(dot)com on your browser. That Google(dot)com is called domain. You can go to GoDaddy or Namecheap or Freenom or any such service provider to get yourself a domain. The price of a domain is not much. So, it will not be a big investment. 

Next, you need to buy a child panel from any Indian SMM panel (or global).

The parent SMM panel will give you the name servers. What is a name server? A name server is the website that your domain name will point to. In other words, when anybody types any domain name, the domain name points to the website that is indicated by the name server.

Go to your domain provider. Log in and add the given name servers to the domain. What happens because of this is, when anybody types in the domain name that you bought, he will be redirected to the website created by the parent SMM panel provider.

That website that is created by the parent SMM can be modified. You can add your own logo and name and design. You can make it look professional. Nobody can detect that it is a child panel.

Any of the best SMM panels India or global providers will provide support to set up your own child panel. But our guess is- you won’t need much support. It is easy.

Why Can’t I Buy SMM Scripts and Create My Own SMM Panel?

IF you have enough time and if you are tech-savvy, you can buy SMM scripts and create your own SMM panel India or global. However, creating your SMM panel is quite a daunting task. You have to tinker with the codes on the name server. You have to install the script to the name server/website. Then again, you have to buy an SSL certificate to make the website look secure. Furthermore, you have to remain vigilant and available all the time - despite the automated scripts.

Most people who opt for SMM Panel scripts to make their own SMM Panels are not able to continue for long. They shutter-down their business within a few months. It’s hectic. Our recommendation is- you stick to the child panel if you want to earn money through the SMM panel.

A Little Bit About Us 

We, at SMM Ride, are dedicated to helping digital influencers, marketers and entertainers to reach more and more people worldwide. Our India SMM panel has delivered more than 121,000 orders successfully. SMM Ride focuses on providing quality engagements and not just fluffy numbers. We also provide Child SMM panels to help support the dream of thousands of young people who want to do something meaningful with their knowledge. Our USP: We use proprietary techniques to help people get organic engagements - engagements that originate from human beings, not bots.