How to use Instagram live: The basics

How to use Instagram live: The basics

How to use Instagram live: The basics 


The year 2017 saw the introduction of live videos on Instagram. Now, if you have a brand to showcase one of the best ways to do it is via Instagram live videos. According to a study that was conducted, 80% of the customers were in favour of watching live videos rather than reading the blogs of the same brand. 

Going live in this era has become more important than ever for any brand which has any kind of online presence. Going live can make people sit up and pay attention as they would not like to miss out on any benefit being given by the brand to it's customers. 

Instagram has close to 1 billion active users which is more than any other social media platform apart from Facebook. Therefore, going live via Instagram is going to be very beneficial for your brand as it can garner a lot of traffic.

Why should your brand have an Instagram live strategy

As mentioned above, Instagram has 1 billion active users and thus makes it one of the most used social media platforms. Instagram is the best way to connect to the millennial crowd as the dominant age group on Instagram is from 18 to 29. 

Below are mentioned few benefits of taking your brand live on Instagram-

  • if you go live on Instagram, the Instagram algorithm places your live video as priority. Which can ensure more traffic than being placed anywhere in the middle. 
  • Live videos on Instagram can increase the engagement between the brands and it's cutomers and all queries can be taken up there itself.
  • Going live can also help create better relationships between the cutomers and the brand. 
  • A brand while going live has it's own personality. Therefore, it helps in giving an identity to the brand.

How to use Instagram live

Instagram live is an important feature that can benefit your brand immensely. It helps a brand connect to it's followers as well as attract new ones. If you are in doubt as to how to use Instagram live, follow the steps below- 

STEP 1: To launch a video on instagram, you will have to open the app or the site and click on the camera on the top right corner or swipe right. You will now be on the stories section of Instagram.

STEP 2: At the below of the stories section, multiple options will be made available to you. Swipe to your right until the live option is made available to you and click on it to start your live video.

STEP 3: Before broadcasting the live video, you can visit the Instagram story setting provided in the top left corner. Here multiple options will be made available to you regarding your story, you can choose the settings as per your desire. 

STEP 4: Live videos usually disappear after the live broadcast is finished, however you choose the option for it to be available for 24 hours after the broadcast as well. 

Managing the content on Instagram live

Managing content when you go live on Instagram is also a very important thing. It's is your content that decided whether the audience stay on to see the live video or leave it after a few seconds or minutes. 

Make sure that your content is engaging. You can also see in the top right corner the amount of time that you have been broadcasting. You can engage with your audience by encouraging them to leave comments while you are on the live chat. 

Prior to going live, it would be best if you gave a heads up to the audience of the date and time that you will be going live. This will help in the audience in making time for your live feed. You can also turn off commenting gonna your live chats if you think it necessary and the option is provided at the bottom right corner. 

Tips to use Instagram live like a pro

Instagram is a trend that is followed by people of all age groups. Though the platform needs creativity, and which you definitely have, you should start your live streaming with a strategy in place. Below are a few tips you can follow to stream your live feed like a pro.

  • Prepare your broadcast: Have all the necessary things and make sure that your video is being streamed from a place with good connectivity and a background that is not distracting.
  • Have a purpose for your live video: Go live with an idea in mind, do not come with ideas on the spot itself.
  • Promote live streaming in advance: To get the maximum number of people to see your live feed, promote it as it can help people make time for your feed.
  • Do not continue in a monologue: Keep the feed interesting, do something funny or keep changing the way you are conveying your message.
  • Keep in mind the time: Live videos which go one for too long tend to get boring and the audience may stop watching after sometime.


Going live on Instagram is an effective and simple way to connect to the audience present on Instagram. A little creativity on your part can help you get lifelong followers and make your brand more popular amongst different age groups of people.  But only a few brands are successful connecting with their audience. So that’s why,  instagram reseller panel helps the brands to connect with their audience to sell their products easily.