How to get Instagram followers fast

How to get Instagram followers fast


Having followers on Instagram is very beneficial to ensure your business's outreach to people around the world. Every brands Instagram page has 0 followers in the start. It is your marketing strategies that will make the people of Instagram follow your page and make it popular.

However, with all businesses realizing the importance of marketing on Instagram, it has now become difficult to get followers on Instagram and you will have to have a few strategies in place to ensure followers for your Instagram page.   

Why are followers important on Instagram?

Instagram has 1 billion active users who use the app at least once a day. Brands on Instagram are in always in competition and always trying to out-do the other and that to for a good reason. 

People do not want to follow all brands that are present on Instagram. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to boost your account to ensure that you boost your following. If you want your brand to really stand out, you will have to work harder and better on your marketing strategies. Below we have mentioned a few tips that can help garner more high quality instagram followers.

Tips to getting followers on Instagram in 2019 

  • Partner up with another business account that has your niche: Partnering up with an Instagram business of your own niche can ensure that you are able to Garner more follower. Since the followers are interested in the same thing as is offered by your partner, you can use this as a strategy to showcase that the same products and services are available with you as well.
  • Use trendy hashtags: Trendy hashtags have a way of creating an interest amongst your audience. Hastags also put you in priority as per the Instagram algorithm. Hastags are also come thing that people would use in the search bar when looking for a particular thing on Instagram. 
  • Use optimal number of hastags: according to a study, one needs to use the optimal number of hastags. This optimal number ranges from 10 to 12 hashtags as anything below that is too less and anything above that is too much. Optimal number of hastags are helpful to put your posts on top priority in accordance to the Instagram algorithm. 
  • Embed your Instagram posts on your blogs as well: Every good business also has in place blogs as a marketing strategy. Blogs can have more knowledge on your products and services as compared to any social media platform. Therefore you can embed tour Instagram posts in your blogs by proving links to the Instagram posts you have put up. 
  • Try posting once or twice a day: People will only follow a page on Instagram that is being constantly updated and not one that remains reduntant. Therefore, posting once or twice daily becomes necessary to keep your followers interested in your page. 
  • Post images with quotes: Quotes have a way of touching hearts of many present on social media platforms. Choose a quote that resonates with your post the best. 
  • Leave thoughtful comments: Well, your page cannot be like Beyonce's who literally does not follow anyone back. You will also have to follow a certain businesses and leave thoughtful comments on their posts. In case someone has left a post on your posts, you will have to ensure that you are able to provide for the right material as an answer to the comment.
  • Use other social media platforms: Other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can help generate more followers as the algorithms of the platforms are different. Some people who would like to follow your page may be able to see it on other platforms but not on Instagram. Therefore, promote your Instagram page on other social media platforms as well.
  • Create a branded hashtag: A branded hashtag means you are able to provide a separate identity to your posts. This hashtag can only be used by you as it signifies your business. This ensures that when such a hashtag is used on any post the first page they visit will be yours. 
  • Use geotagging: Geotagging ensures that people in and around the area of your business are the targeted audience. It will also be easier for such followers to order your products and services as they know that the wait will not have to be long. Therefore, Geotagging makes for an amazing way to get a target audience in and around the area of your business.


It is very imprtant for your business to have followers on Instagram to ensure that your marketing reaches it full potential. You can use the above mentioned tops to generate followers fast in the year 2019. Instagram has close to 1 billion active users, therefore you can be assured that your posts will reach a number of people. 

Generating followers for your business on Instagram and that too fast is very important. It is necessary because the more the followers the more the outreach. If you have a slow start on your followers your entire business will see a small amount of growth. As we all know it is the audience that makes a business successful.