Secret Tactics To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Secret Tactics To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

4 lakh Indian Rupees - that’s how much Technical Guruji, aka Gaurav Chaudhary, earns from his YouTube channel. Yes, you read that right. Gaurav Chaudhary earns around 50 lakh per year (5 million) through his YouTube videos. And we’re just talking about earnings through ads here. YouTubers earn a huge amount of extra money through affiliate marketing. Even a medium YouTuber like Xtreme Moto Adventure earns around 50,000 Indian Rupees per month! This means you can lead a fairly luxurious life just by earning money through YouTube videos.

So there is only one thing that’s stopping you from having a lavish lifestyle - your non-monetized YouTube channel. Exactly how hard is it to monetize a YouTube channel? Not that hard if you remain consistent and leverage smart work instead of hard work. Read on to know how to monetize your YouTube channel easily.

Requirements For YouTube Channel Monetization

There are multiple requirements that you need to satisfy to monetize your YouTube channel. But there are two primary requirements that you have to fulfil in order to become eligible for YouTube’s consideration of whether to monetize your channel. These are - minimum subscriber count criteria and minimum watch time criteria.

Your channel must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.

Your channel must achieve 4000 hours of public watch time over a period of 12 months.

These are the minimum criteria that will enable your channel to be considered for monetization. But you also have to keep in mind a few other things as well. For example, your channel shouldn’t have any community guidelines strike at the time of review. And, talking about community guidelines, you have to adhere to them strictly. You should have only one Adsense account. Only after meeting all these criteria YouTube will include your channel in its Partner Program.

Tips For Getting 1000 YouTube Subscribers Within 1 Year

We all know all those YouTube tips and tricks that advise us to create quality videos consistently and follow a specific niche. However, if you go that path, it will take more than one year to fulfil the quota of 1000 YouTube subscribers. Why? Because there are already big YouTube channels, rich YouTubers with all their fancy gadgets.


Frankly speaking, it will take a lifetime to compete against big YouTubers and get 1000 YouTube subscribers.

But Don’t Be Upset. Here’s an easy (and legal) way of gaining 1000 YouTube subscribers.

All you have to do is log on to https://smmride.com. Before you jump and say, “I don’t need bot subscribers”, let us reiterate that SMM Ride is not your usual SMM service. At SMM Ride, we use 100% real accounts to increase your YouTube subscribers.

Once you go to the website of SMM Ride and register yourself (don’t forget to verify your email), you will see a menu at the top. Click on the ‘New Order’ menu. You will see two drop-down menus. Click on the first drop-down menu to select the service category you want ( In this case - YouTube subscribers.)

Next, select the nature of the service, which in this case is - YouTube subscribers 30 days refill. Then, insert the link to your YouTube channel and the number of subscribers you require. That’s it! You’ll get 1000 YouTube subscribers within 30 days!

       With just $25, you get 100% real YouTube followers.

       With just $25, you unlock one of the most hard-to-achieve criteria for YouTube monetization.

       With just $25, you unlock a lavish lifestyle where you earn lakhs per month.

How To Achieve 4000 Hours Of YouTube Watch-time For Your Channel

The best advice in this regard is - create interesting videos that will compel the viewers to watch till the end. However, you and I both know that there are already too many interesting videos made with advanced gears and shot in beautiful places. As a newbie, it is extremely difficult to make people watch your videos till the end. So achieving 4000 watch-hours might take more than two years to achieve.

But with SMM Ride, you can easily (and legally) achieve 4000 hours of watch-time. Just go to the website and click on the New Order menu. From the box, select “YouTube Watchtime” as the category and then select the service - “YouTube Watchtime (30 days guarantee)”. Lastly, insert the video link that you want to target. Just remember to add only that video that is more than one hour in length. That’s it. Sit back, relax. The 4000 watch hours criteria will be met within 3 to 10 days.

       At just $31.80, your YouTube channel will gain 4000 hours of watch time.

       Easily monetize your channel after this.

       Hassle-free, safe and quick way of unlocking a luxurious lifestyle.

Start today. Use the safest SMM panel - SMM panel - to unlock YouTube channel monetization.



1. How long does it take for SMM Panel - SMM Ride to increase YouTube subscribers?

Ans. SMM Ride can increase your channel’s subscribers at a rate of 20 to 100 subscribers per day. It also comes with the refill facility to make up for the drop in subscriber addition.


2. How can I achieve 4000 hours of YouTube watch-time quickly?

Ans. Go to the website of SMM Ride and click on the YouTube watch-time menu under the New Order section. And then put the link of the video in your YouTube channel that is more than 1 hour in length. Then, select the number of hours you want to have for that video. That’s it!


3. Is the SMM Panel legit? Is using an SMM panel legal?

Ans. Using an SMM panel is legal only if it offers services with the help of real accounts and not bot accounts. There are very few cheap SMM panels that offer services with real social media accounts. SMM Ride uses real accounts to increase the views/subscribers/likes. Rest assured, using SMM Ride is completely legal and won’t violate any rule.